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apollo11The Temple of Apollo Epicurius was built between the years 430-410 B.C. by Iktinos, the architect of Parthenon. The temple is situated at a distance of 7 kilometers north of the city of Phigaleia and 14 kilometers from Andritsena in a rocky environment and at a height of 1130 meters at Bassae. The temple was dedicated by the inhabitants of Phigaleia to Apollo for their saving from the vast and the deadly epidemics which cursed the area. The temple, which was built of local limestone, is the best preserved ancient temple second to that of Hephaestus in Theseio. 2The temple’s dimensions are 38.24 m. x 14.48 m. and it is surrounded by a peristyle. The Temple’s frieze consists of 32 sculpted in bas-relief marble slates which are now found in the British Museum. The Temple of Apollo Epicurius is considered by UNESCO World Heritage Site and there is in progress a major conservation project by the Greek Government