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The heart of Andritsena is beating at modern rhythms, providing modern pleasures. Beautiful, traditional tavernas and restaurants, emit fragrant odors and unprecedented.

The pure local products, make our cooking travels unique. Colorful  Hostels, clean rooms and friendly owners, convert the residence of the traveler to a unique experience. Intense nightlife , fun and entertainment at the local bars fill our nights while relaxing coffees in quaint cafes in the afternoons calms you down.

p15Andritsaina manifests warmth and welcoming spirit in every aspect, like a noble woman. There couldn’t be otherwise, after all andrictsaina was named after a legendary female figure. The widow of Andritsos Murmury (from Crete’s Murmura) or from some chased  Fanariti Andrikos, who had a hostel in the region. The city once belonged to the Mistra Despotate and then the Franks took it and developed it so much that is referred to "The Chronicle of Morea".

p25When the locals revolted against them, the Paleologou run for assistance, while the period 1427 - 1456 the Lord of the place,was the wise George Plithon Gemistos. Turks and the Franks claimed it alternately until at the end came to the Ottoman occupation. By the year 1700, however, it had already become a commercial center with considerable force and was known for its commercial, tanneries, and the the mills. It is not ignorant nor to riches, nor to battle. Andritsena stands proud and untamed in area, until today.