Barrier Alpheios Print

fragmaThe catchment area has Alfeios 3 658 km2. It stems from the Arcadian mountains with three confluence  plateaus (Upper Alfeio, Erimanthos, Ladona), which bind to the semi-mountainous Ilia (Average Alfeios) and Exiting the Kyparissiakos Bay (Lower Alfeios). At Ladona  a small hydroelectric plantis situated, which regulates its supply. In Alfeiousas bridge, 10 km before the mouth of Alpheios operates a low barrier for the extraction of irrigation water. The observed maximum flow in this position is 434 m3 / s and minimum 16 m3 / s. The average annual runoff is 2 100 hm3. 
In particular, the data on the confluence of Alpheios are:

1. Upper Alfeios (250 km2). Mainly drain the plateau of Megalopolis, which comprises 70% of karstic formations, resulting in the fact that the provision during the dry period is relatively high (4 m3 / s). The world-logic of the basin probably exceeds the water. The confluence of Lucius has an average annual runoff 215 hm3 (6.8 m3 / s) 

2. Ladona (750 km2). It comes from a series of karst resources. The hydrogeological basin extends Aqueous Apartments in Northern and Eastern Peloponnese, as the source of Planitero powered by Feneou and other sources from the plateau of Tripoli. 

3. Erimanthos (376 km2). It comes from the mountains and Erimanthos Aroaneion and fed by karstic sources total summer supply 0.4 m3 / s.